Hey there! I’m so glad to imagine that You just reading this text right now! Welcome to my personal website! I hope that you will receieve cuddly emotions while being on this page. I did a great job and put a little bit of myself in this project. I am convinced that a good design should be pleasant to a person, but excellent - to give emotions and stay in memory for a long time. Adhering to these beliefs I tried very hard to make a stylish and minimalistic but at the same time maximally sensual web site to give you unforgetable user experience.

About me

My name is Daniil Sokolov and I’m a graphic designer from Tashkent city, Uzbekistan. I am the same person as You: study, work, problems - I come across this as often as You do. Pss, You probably want to find out why I decided to embark on this path? I think you are familiar with the situation when you are in an extremely depressed state. So it was with me and I wanted to find a passion that would lift my spirits. So, I began to study and practice in graphic and web design. At the moment I have more than 50 ready cases and thanks from satisfied customers.